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Pre-sale Services

We offer a package that includes a heavy duty polishing of the exterior, cleaning the interior, as well as washing the engine bay and wheels. We will also take all of the photos with the car looking it’s very best to help the vehicle stick out among the rest of the cars for sale. We will even go as far as giving you in-depth advice of any work necessary on your vehicle before you are considering listing it for sale. The second owner of your car will be much more appreciative knowing that the first owner really took care of it.

Headlight Restoration
Starting at $80/Headlight
Leather Restoration / Dying
Starting from $120
Undercarriage Detail
Starting from $350
Orange Peel Removal / Wet-Sanding
Engine Detail
From $200
Wheels Ceramic Coating
$50 per Wheel

As you can see, there are many different services we provide. We can assure you all of these repairs will be handled with the utmost care and respect. We are a premium detail shop that takes pride in all of our work. We find great satisfaction in being able to provide consumers with superb value and we enjoy looking for any way we can help improve the way you feel about your automobile.


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