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When only the best in window tint will do - choose STEk

STEK Ceramic Automotive Window Films exceed your expectations with their superior performance. In addition to improving the overall comfort of riding in your vehicle, these films offer fade control and extend the life of your vehicle’s interior.

By cutting out excessive glare to the eyes and cancer-causing rays to the skin, occupants are protected from the harmful effects of the sun.

And by cutting down unbearable heat, these high performance films cool the vehicle more efficiently and reduce fuel consumption.

Sprinfield's Expert in Window Tinting

Status Auto Detailing is Springfield's best choice for high-performance window tinting and we take pride in the quality of our work and the high-performance of our window films. Car window tint isn't just about darkening your windows anymore. High-performance window film keeps your interior cool, protects your skin from cancer and and just like Clear Bra, car tint also shields your interior from aging and fading.

The Largest Selection of Hüper Optik Window tint in Springfield

SMARTseries is a nano ceramic window film designed to reduce solar energy and provide additional heat rejection compared to a standard color stable tint. Featuring refined nano ceramic particles SMARTseries blocks up to 91% of infrared light without metallic layers eliminating the need to worry about radio or satellite interference. With a neutral color and suburb clarity, you can increase privacy, comfort and visibility with STEK SMARTseries.
NEXseries is a premium nano ceramic window film designed to provide maximum heat rejection. Featuring extremely refined nano ceramic particles with graphene, NEXseries blocks up to 98% of infrared light and does not have any metallic layers eliminating the need to worry about radio or satellite interference. With a nice neutral color, increase your privacy and feel ultimate heat rejection with STEK NEXseries.


Getting window tint is an effective way to transform your ride by upgrading its look and blocking the bright light on hot sunny days. Tint is installed on glass panes of a vehicle, like the front windshield, the rear window glass, and the side windows. The best quality automotive tints have several pros that can make driving your vehicle both safe and comfortable.


It is very common for your car's interior to become hot during summer or at places of high temperatures. Automotive tint combats this problem by keeping the car significantly cooler.


It is known that ultraviolet rays from the sun are quite harmful to us causing skin cancer, premature aging and cataracts.


Glare from the bright sun while driving often causes eye fatigue. Window film allows you to drive comfortably for long distances in sunny weather.


Getting superior-quality tints for your automobile provides you with enhanced privacy by making it difficult to see personal belongings in your car. It also reduces seeing the driver and passengers.


The lower temperatures from the window tint means that you will not need to blast your air conditioner on a hot day. This significantly cuts down on the fuel usage, thus saving you money.


A high-quality window tint prevents the fading of the interior paint and upholstery of the vehicle by the sunlight. This keeps the dashboard, the seats and other areas in good condition.


The adhesive layer in the film can prevent or lesson the chance of glass shattering completely in case of an impact, thus protecting the passengers inside the vehicle.

Window tint



Pre-cut Window Tint comes in the form of a pre-designed pattern to precisely match your vehicle glass. Hand-cut is the process of cutting the Window Tint by hand to the shape of your vehicles glass. We are extremely confident about approaching and using both methods when required or necessary.


The shade of the window tint has an impact on the amount of light that can pass through it. The best tints are usually in various degrees of black shade that are graded based on the VLT (Visible Light Transmission) percentage. Darker tints have lower VLT percentage and vice-versa. Thus a VLT of 50% indicates that half of the surrounding light will transmit. You have to choose your VLT percentage based on your requirements.

Window Tint


1. Is window tint illegal? 

A: Different states have different laws and regulations regarding Window Tints. They usually pertain to the VLT percentages of your vehicle’s glass. However, some states do charge a fine for a VLT below the permissible amount. For more details about the specific car tint laws contact your local authorities.

2. How to clean a tinted window?

A: Cleaning a tinted window requires some extra care. You cannot use any sharp objects or scrub the surface too hard as this will cause the film to be damaged or scratched. The best practice is to use a clean soft sponge or micro-fiber towel with warm water followed up with another soft towel for drying that will not cause any scratching and keep the UV protection and gloss finish intact. We do not recommend using Windex window cleaner or any other ammonia based products. The ammonia can loosen the films edges causing the tint to eventually weaken or peel back.

3. Why does window tint turn purple sometimes?

A: Constant exposure to the sun causes some types of window tint to fade. Moreover, the UV Rays found in sunlight also damage window tints, especially the dyed types. This causes the tint to turn purple or fade over time. However, tints with metallic or ceramic films do not fade or dis-color.

4. What is the reason for bubbles in the tint?

A: Improper installation is usually the main reason for bubbles. If all or a majority of the water is not flushed out during the installation process, you can eventually see air bubbles develop once the water is fully dried or cured away from the suns heat. However, you usually will see moisture or water bubbles after a fresh installation which is normal. 99% of the time this cures away without being visually noticeable.

5. What is the average life of window tints?

A: Properly installed automotive tints will last for a long time, especially in the case of ceramic and metallic tints. When choosing a car window tint, just opt for a high-quality product and adhere to the manufacturer's instructions carefully for maximum durability.


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